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How do I cancel My California Wildland Fire Updates account?

Are Western wildfires getting worse?

Brad Plummer of the Washington Post writes “One 2006 Arizona State University study found that rising temperatures appear to be a major driver of increased Western wildfires in recent years. One reason is that, as winters get warmer and warmer, the snowpack in the mountains has gotten smaller and is melting earlier in the year.” This article was published in 2012 in the Washington Post.

In order for you to cancel your California Wildland Fire Updates account you will need to email our member support department at support at calfireupdates dot com. Unless we receive an email from you, your account will not be canceled.

At California Wildland Fire Updates it is our life's work to keep your children and loved ones safe and informed about the worsening wildfires in California.

We hate to see you cancel your account and miss out on our award winning family protection services.

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